Blue Flower

Brewer OHV Route: Just above Shaver Lake you will find the Brewer OHV route which is classified as Easiest. The route is 3.5 miles long and takes about 1 hour to drive. Follow Hwy 168 past the town of Shaver Lake to the Tamarack Sno Park Area. Turn east on Road 9S69 and travel approximately 3 miles, then turn left on Road 9S69. Continue on Road 9S69 for 2 miles until you reach Road 9S10 on your right. Follow Road 9S10 for 1.5 miles to you get to a gate and large bulletin board.
Bald Mountain: This popular OHV route is the only route on the district that is open year-round. The route is accessible from the south by taking Dinkey Creek Road east from Shaver Lake and at approximately 9.5 miles turning left on Rock Creek Road (9S09). Go north on Rd 9S09 for 3.5 miles to start of the route. Staying right at the first two intersections will put you on the more challenging lower loop. Stay left for the most direct and easier route to the top of Bald Mtn. To access from the north take Hwy 168 above Shaver Lake to the Tamarack Snow-Park, travel along Rd 9S09 for 3 miles to the intersection of Rd. 9S02. Take Rd. 9S02 south and you will come to the north trailhead in less than 10 minutes. This route is known as the “easy way” to the top of Bald Mountain. Stay right at the first intersection after the trailhead. Many high clearance trucks can reach the top going this way. Left will take you to the lower loop.