Blue Flower

This hike is a little over 2 miles and is a very mild, mostly shaded trail. The hike features many cool plants and fungi if you know where to look. The trail ends at Rancheria Falls. It is a gorgeous waterfall with a small pool at the base. You can swim in this pool, if you can withstand the cold temperatures. Below the pool, the water flows down a beautiful canyon. This is fun to explore, but be careful of slippery rocks. This hike is its best in the Spring and is great for all ages. There are often a lot of people on this trail, so if you want something a little more remote, see the other hikes described in this section. The trailhead is up a small road, about a mile past China Peak Ski Resort, on the right. There is a small sign which reads "Rancheria Falls." There is a parking lot and bathroom at the end of this road and the trailhead is right there.